Wellbeing, Technology and Nature in full harmony

Since the beginning, in the year of 1985, the quality was always our priority. Guided by this, the technical improvement was always a history part of the Rusan Tannery.

We are specialized in the production of bovine suede, working with elements from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, ideal for shoes, bags and artifacts.

Today our work uses the most modern technologies to produce with the maximum environmental responsibility, to guarantee the highest quality for our clients, in the international and national market.


Conquer and preserve customers by satisfying them with the expertise, experience and dynamism from management and employees, producing with quality and accuracy to develop great articles and high quality suede, along with a good customer service.


To be a leader and innovator tannery in articles developed on suede. Committed to its customers, suppliers and employees.


Integrity, innovation, customer satisfaction, manufacturing environmentally-friendly, social responsibility, profitability and reputation.